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A part of the collection is produced in our own factory in Nepal. Is your studio JUX-item produced in our own factory? Find out by looking up a number in your garment and meet your tailor here.

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Giridhar Chaudhary

Giridhar Chaudhary

Nepali date of birth : 2/10/1930

Western date of birth : 5/23/1973

Position : Operator

Working with us since : 14-apr-11

Caste : Chaudhary is part of the Tharu caste. The name was traditionally used as a title to indicate the ownership of ancestral land. Nowadays it is often taken as a surname or title. Although the title has lost its original meaning, in both Indian and Pakistani Punjab regions the name is still considered a leader of a tribe in some villages and small towns. Male members of Chaudhury or “Chowdhury” families are entitled to use the prefix “CH.” as an abbreviation that acts as a courtesy title before their first name.

Status :Giridhar is married and has one daughter. As he had a love marriage, he would like to offer the same decision to his daughter.

Hobby : In winters he enjoys to sit outside in the sun, but in summers he is happy to escape the heat inside. He likes to watch TV, especially American wrestling! Otherwise just relaxing and listening to Hindi or Nepali music.

Career : After having learned to stitch in the Sinamangal institute in Kathmandu, he gathered work experience in several garment companies as a sample man and stitcher for 17 years. There he got five years experience working with confection’s newest technologies like patternmaking on the computer (Computer Aided Design), laser cutting and bonding. In his former job he was making waterproof jackets for an entire year, so he prefers to make studio JUX pieces as they are always different. He is a very talented patternmaker so he is sometimes helping out as a sample master.

Background : He grew up in Saptari, an area in the Terai region of Nepal not far from the southern Indian border. At the age of 15, he came to Kathmandu in search of work.

Favorite clothing : Giridhar is a real jeans lover! His favorite clothes are jeans, so you probably won’t see a day passing by when Giridhar is not wearing his jean pants and jeans jacket combo.

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