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A part of the collection is produced in our own factory in Nepal. Is your studio JUX-item produced in our own factory? Find out by looking up a number in your garment and meet your tailor here.

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Yelisha Limbu

Yelisha Limbu

Nepali date of birth : 4/14/1947

Western date of birth :29/7/1990

Position : Operator

Working with us since :18/8/2011

Caste : Limbu

Status :Single

Hobby : She spends a lot of time with her brother. They quite often sing together, especially pop songs.

Education : Bachelor in Commerce (parttime) 2nd year.

Career : Yelisha started as a trainee. So she learned how to stitch in our factory. Nowadays, she is fully trained so she works as an operator.

Background : Yelisha grew up in Nuwakot, the north of Kathmandu. Same as her colleague Dil Maya. They did not know each other from there.

Favorite clothing : She loves Western fashion so you will never see her in a traditional sari. She likes printed T-shirts a lot.

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