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The designer

Jitske Lundgren (1980) has studied fashion in Utrecht, Southampton and Paris. She graduated the European Master in Fashion and Textile Design at the famous Institute Francais de la Mode. During a study trip to India, a purple man changed her ideas about fashion. This Indian man was responsible for dyeing the clothing. He was standing in a bath full of purple dye, and thus had to go through live in the very same color as the clothes he produced. This was not her idea of fashion being fun! After graduation, Jitske worked as a fashion designer for established brands. There, her disappointment about the fashion industry became stronger. So she decided to do it her way and started JUX. Today, Jitske lives in Kathmandu where she manages the factory together with a Nepali woman. All the way from the Himalaya, Jitske is proud to present you the JUX collection!

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The manager

Carlien Helmink (1983) has studied Communication Science in Amsterdam. During her teenage years, her parents showed her Asia to let her discover a different and upcoming part of the world. Carlien already had a strong sense of justice and was struck by the poverty. Enriched by this knowledge, Carlien ditched the idea of a solely commercial career. There was only one problem: she had always loved fashion too. And that very industry was responsible for a lot of the damage she had witnessed in South-East Asia. At the end of her studies, studio JUX came along as the perfect solution. The fashion brand combined commercial goals with developing work. Suddenly Carlien knew what to do. She volunteered for JUX to help Jitske with sales and PR. Eighteen months and a graduation in Communications later, Carlien joined JUX to turn it into a global brand.

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