Studio JUX
cool as
nepali ice
Studio JUX is characterised by minimalistic designs. The pieces always have a little twist because our designer is playing with bright contrast colors and unexpected shapes. Find the hidden pockets or orange stitches! Read more about the design fashion of JUX
don't smoke it, wear it
Studio JUX is eco friendly. We use materials like organic cotton, hemp and recycled coke bottles. And we're always looking for new sustainable materials and innovations. Read more about the eco fashion of JUX
your nepali tailor is a rockstar
'Jux' is a German word for fun. According to studio JUX, fashion should be fun: not just for the consumer and the designer, but also for the tailors. They're our rockstars. So let's be fair and have fun. Read more about the fair fashion of JUX

Oh and who are the founders?